The Ghostly Hollow

Help Our Park Become a Long-Term Reality

If you've experienced our Haunted Ride, the Ghostly Hollow, then you know we've come up with something special. If you haven't, then you're in for a treat. It's like no other Halloween experience, combining spookiness and theatricality in a fun hayride-type adventure. It's not just a bunch of scares, but a story that draws you in and leaves you giddy at the end.

After getting everything set up and being open for an amazing weekend, a storm came through and destroyed much of the ride. We've been able to "piece" things back together so we can still run the show, but we could really use help to ensure we can deliver the Christmas experience we are wanting. We also have big plans for the future, and would love our community to be able to experience the magic we have in mind.

Your Small Donation Can Make a Huge Impact


Turn the Clown’s
Frown Upside-Down

Many wooden structures were damaged in the storm, including the giant clown face that took countless hours to build. Your donation will help rebuild this and other structures that are so vital to the story.

$15 gets you:

  • A really cool Ghostly Hollow sticker

Rebuild the Zombie's 'Homes'

The ride has many freestanding structures, such as the graveyard mausoleums where the zombies like to hang out. Most of these types of structures were ruined and will have to be rebuilt.

$30 gets you:

  • A really cool Ghostly Hollow sticker
  • Plus a digital video of the whole ride

Help the Werewolf
Return to the Forest

Key to the ride's success is the fencing throughout and structures that mark the path and perimeter. This includes the werewolf forest. The wind took out most of the fencing and it all has to be reworked.

$50 gets you:

  • A really cool Ghostly Hollow sticker
  • Plus a digital video of the whole ride
  • Plus a 50% off coupon to come enjoy our Christmas attraction!

*Donation gifts will be sent out in November*