Real Live Adventures

Real Live Adventures has a long history creating immersive and unique experiences. Created by two old college film friends, their mission is to get you deeply involved and invested in the adventure. Their secret sauce is combining storytelling with their history of filmmaking to make the experience come to life around you in an adventurous, unexpected, and thrilling adventure.

You'll constantly be suprised by the twists and turns and a 'wait, was this supposed to happen?' feeling. Real Live Adventures plans to continue serving the community with unique experiences and entertainment that people can't get enough of.

  • Real Live Adventures believes that creating and executing these experiences should be an adventurous, thrilling experience to participate in as we build a community of artists, builders, and 'misfits,' (aka: creative geniuses are welcome here). Working here should be as fun as the attractions themselves!
  • This Halloween, we've created an attraction in Utah County unlike others of its kind, where we follow the legends of an old town and encounter mishaps and unlikely suprises on what is supposed to be a 'simple tour of the town.' Don't get left behind on this adventure...there's no telling what you might encounter at the Ghostly Hollow.

Visit the Ghostly Hollow

We are located at the west end of the Outlets at Traverse Mountain.
(That's the left side if you are facing the shops from the parking lot.)

Entry Instructions:

  • Before 8:00pm - Enter through the Mall entrance
  • After 8:00pm - Enter through the parking lot entrance
  • See image on this page for visual details

Hours of Operation (October 20th - 31st)

  • Monday - Thursday: 6pm - 10pm
  • Friday - Saturday 6pm - 11pm
  • Sunday: Closed
  • Halloween: 6pm - 10pm